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Producers of Quality Stud and Commercial
Wiltshire Horn Sheep

The Original Meat Sheep
Designed by Mother Nature to eliminate
Mulesing - Dipping - Crutching - Shearing and Tail Docking.

We breed sheep the way Mother Nature intended sheep to live - healthy - hardy - genetically diverse and with a minimum of man-made chemicals and interference.
Mymms Farm now uses six major bloodlines for genetic diversity, Bara Simbil, Bryalea, Muskeg, Pickwick, Wanna, Wendal and using AI, has introduced a Wonoka bloodline.

The Power Kings - Twin Rams - Meroveus and Aurelius

Twin sons of Pickwick Arturus and elite ewe SIRO90LO314. These superb twin rams were our first major Bloodline.

These same twin rams, as lambs only a few days old

They grew on to claim their place in Wiltshire Horn Sheep History

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Members of the Australian Wiltshire Horn Sheep Breeders Association
ASSBS Flock number 102

ABN 87 602 216 094
Accredited Brucelosis free -Y468
Participant in the OJD Sheep Market Assurance Program since 1996
Current status MN2V (all stock vaccinated)
ABC points 7.


Our First Stud Ram
Pickwick Arturus

Full blood brother to multi award winning
Pickwick Maximian

The original Mymms Farm was located at Wildes Meadow in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW, about 100 klms south of Sydney.
The farm had been home to the prize winning Wiltshire Horn Sheep flock owned by Rosemary Gaussen and Howard Miller.

Until quite recently Wiltshire Horn Sheep were included in the rare breeds category in Australia. Recent changes in the environment and the contraction of demand in the Wool Industry has seen renewed interest in this breed. The "Easy care" nature of this breed, along with the ability to adapt to almost all Australian conditions has seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of these sheep.
As they are an ancient breed of British Sheep, the sheep are more adaptable to contact with humans and this trait makes them extremely popular with small area farmers.
At Mymms Farm we only have one breed of sheep, 100% pure bred Wiltshire Horn Sheep and although we offer both stud and commercial sheep the difference in the attention to breeding and genetics is identical.
To maintain high standards in our stud flock, we down grade at least 60% of our ram lambs to wethers and slaughter and in an effort to improve the standard of commercial ewes flocks, we offer a considerable percentage of our pure bred sheep each year as commercial breeders.This makes a large number of our commercial sheep as well bred as many stud sheep but available at lower prices.
It remains the sole decison of the studmaster as to the future status of the sheep offered for sale and any attempt by a purchaser to upgrade commercial sheep to stud status will void any future sale possibility.


This next photo shows a concerned mother watching an inquisitive youngster, the ewes are very protective of their young lambs and as twins are common, this contributes to high weaning percentages. In the best seasons, Mymms Farm has achieved 183% increase at weaning. The ewes are generous milkers and feed twins and occasional triplets to good weights at weaning. At Mymms Farm we encourage the largely lost Art of Shepherding, where the sheep accept humans as an integral part of their environment.
This change in attitude is particularly useful when the sheep need attention from their carers, as fear is not an overwhelming component of their behaviour pattern, as is seen in most other breeds. When we enter the sheep paddocks the sheep usually congregate around us, mostly looking for feed but also in an inquisitive welcoming fashion as seen in the photos above and below.

2002 saw a move to much larger property in the Wagga Wagga area and we arrived with 25 breeding ewes. Mymms Farm now occupies a former Cattle property in the Borambola valley and our flock numbers in the 200 plus, we produce at least 100 prime lambs per year, in spite of current conditions. This 400 acre property has proven to be an ideal place to increase the size of the Stud flock and introduce a commercial flock, in good seasons the property can easily carry 200 breeding ewes. We also have a herd of quality Angus beef cattle to help in managing the pasture growth. These outcomes means Mymms Farm indirectly supplies some 6,500 kg of red meat per annum with a labour force of 2 persons. It is a shame that financial returns to farmers in Australia are below 1960's level, whereas farming costs are through the roof.

Like a scene from a travel magazine the rolling farm country stretches in all directions as far as the eye can see.
A scene from the highest point of Mymms Farm in the Summer of 2007, shows the red grass cover and plentiful shade trees on Mymms Farm.
The Borambola valley is traversed by the Tarcutta Creek which joins the Murrumbidgee River a few kilometres down the Sturt Highway from Mymms Farm.


Above photo features the maiden ewe flock of 2009 just at the stage of wool shedding with some clean and a few still holding wool.
Notice how alert and untroubled the sheep are by the appearance of their human carers. 

At Borambola the climate and native pastures have contributed to produce long bodied, hardy sheep with strong conformation. A two year old ewe shown in the photo exhibits the alert style of sheep common to Mymms Farm livestock.
This excellent conformation contributes to ease of lambing, high lambing percentages and an increase in the number of live born lambs

This two year old Ram shows clean lines and excellent placement of horns, not too wide but not close on the face. Also noticeable is the excellent conformation with upright pasterns on the hind legs along with well placed weight distribution front to rear. This combination makes for an athletic ram able to pursue and service ewes in all terrains. Our emphasis on adequate bone to muscle ratio produces fertile, eager rams able to cover large numbers of ewes in large paddocks.

A three year old working ram ready to take advantage of the improvement in the season to put on condition, yet still remain alert and eager to pursue the ewes at mating.

Ewe lamb of the 2010 drop in the tall grass, this lamb is 12 weeks old

A proud breeder leads a Prize winning ram from the Show judging ring.
Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair 2004 - Champion Wiltshire Horn Ram
At the show, this ram competed against rams 12 months his senior and prevailed, going on to win the wide ribbon for Mymms Farm.
The same bright face at the fence on his return to the farm. Ram MF340, this ram went on to be a valued Sire at a local farm and produced many fine young lambs.


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